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How Meltwater enables leading organizations to navigate an increasingly fragmented media landscape and create alignment between PR and marketing teams.

Recently, there has been a paradigm shift in the way marketing, PR, and communication teams work together as the way consumers access information has evolved. Consumers are discussing and learning about brands and products across various channels, from TV to social media, newspapers to podcasts. These channels no longer work in vacuums — and neither should the teams managing them. 

In this digital age, organizational teams must be aligned and have integrated communications strategies around actioning brand, consumer, and competitive intelligence across channels. Technology plays a critical role in breaking down organizational and data silos so that different teams can work collaboratively to meet their shared goals. 

Discover how Shiseido, Western Union, and Red Havas use Meltwater’s solutions to optimize their omnichannel strategies and brand governance workflows.

Meltwater Customer Stories

Learn how Meltwater helps The Economist understand the true brand impact of their work, and gain powerful marketing, media, and audience insights.

Learn how Meltwater helps BIC align reporting, Access valuable insights from media outlets worldwide, and enhance their data-driven PR strategy.

Learn how Meltwater helps AstraZeneca gain sibility over the social impact of the organization's communications activities.

Learn how Meltwater helps Puma find local influencers at scale, manage their communities, and grow engagement.

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