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Visualizing your Customer Journey

Mapping your customer journey in a measurable way can sometimes seem like a confusing and abstract task. But truth be told, companies often make customer journey mapping more complex than it needs to be. In reality, this involves a series of logical steps based on the collection of relevant data and then visualizing this data in a business intelligence tool like Tableau or Power BI.

By visually mapping your customer journey, you can pinpoint crucial moments that matter in the decision-making process, reduce purchase frictions, enhance customer experience and increase lifetime value. 

Meltwater Customer Journey Mapping Dashboard

Meltwater's Professional Services team can support you with tracking, integrating, and visualizing all relevant brand touchpoints in an interactive real-time Customer Journey Dashboard. 

We'll help you meet changing customer needs and identify decision-making barriers at every stage of the journey, so you can optimize experiences and meet growth ambitions.

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Leading organizations are using customer journey mapping to: 

Identify potential gaps and opportunities in their delivery

Become more

Breakdown organizational silos

Keep your customer as the true North by ensuring all teams have access to customer data. Tackle silos and drive cross-function collaboration through the integration of data.

Spot the moments of truth that make you lose or acquire customers, from understanding their initial pain point to considering your brand and beyond. Enhance customer experience across multiple channels and identify areas of opportunity for your business.

Empathize with your audience by seeing things from their perspective. Identify their motivations, needs, emotional states, obstacles, questions, concerns, and more. Gaining access to such insights will allow you to better influence their behaviour.

Margaux Dauce

“Customer expectations are quickly changing. The most important step for marketers right now is to empathize with our audience, and customer journey mapping plays a crucial role in this. In today’s digital world, understanding digital brand touchpoints have become an integral part of that process. Knowing our customers, their interests, the media channels they use, and the content they find relevant will determine success.”

- Angela Wiesenmüller, EMEA Marketing Director, Meltwater

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