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Media Monitoring that shows your brand's performance across media channels, customer sentiment, and the ROI your team delivers. More than 30,000 customers use insights from Meltwater's solutions tailored to fit their organisations's needs and objectives.

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Global Media Monitoring in a Click

1. Efficiently sift through thousands of news sources. Sophisticated search monitors everything relevant to your brand and company’s operation, both locally and globally.

2. Meltwater's comprehensive media monitoring solution offers the world's largest source base, including 300,000 news sources, from 205 countries in 87 languages. Never miss a mention!

3. Customisable dashboards let you analyse metrics by date, geography, language, and sentiment. Find out which competitors are gaining traction and in which publications.

What we monitor

Online News

We scan over 300,000 news sources globally. With customers in 125 countries, we have a local and global focus, so you’ll be covered wherever news breaks.


We help you monitor over 25,000 podcasts on a global scale, with the ability to add podcasts to our capture network if we aren’t covering what you need.

Social Media

We allow you to monitor over 15 different social networks (including access to all of Twitter's content), blogs, and comments on news articles and product reviews.


We have several different options for TV and radio monitoring fully integrated into the Meltwater product, so we will make sure to recommend the one most appropriate to your region.

Print Media

With a network of fully-vetted global, regional and local print monitoring partners, you can rest easy knowing that if it’s on the printed page, you’ll receive it from Meltwater.

Media Monitoring & Analysis Capabilities

For a PR professional today, keeping up with what journalists, bloggers, and customers are saying is complicated. Influencing them is even more complicated. And measuring results can seem impossible! 

Find out how modern Media Intelligence connects media monitoring to engagement and measurement. 

Stay on top of important media coverage through our mobile app.

Create ad/hoc searches on the spot or rely on custom searches setup by our local support team.

Customize email alerts to get real-time notifications.

Share content via text, email, or Slack.

Monitor unlimited keywords across all channels.

Track competitors to stay ahead of the curve.

Research and listen to more than 200 billion social conversations.

Create dashboards and benchmark against competitors.

Export results to Excel and other reporting formats.

Translate content with the click of a button.

Why Meltwater Media Monitoring

Since 2001, we have invested in proprietary technology to capture content from all corners of the globe, across news, social media, print, broadcast and podcasts. Join more than 30,000 global companies that use insights from Meltwater's media monitoring tools.

"Our campaigns are based on market trends. We use Meltwater to evaluate what other leading brands are doing before deciding how to align ourselves to global trends and remain in the forefront."

"The mobile app is a lifesaver. I was actually at my son’s daycare when the news came through that my client’s biggest competitor was acquired by a foreign company. I fired off the news to the executive team that minute. Without the mobile app, my client could have been blindsided."

"We saw great value in this social data and introduced the concept of social issue monitoring to other groups within OSU. The great thing about the social web is that we’re not restrained to a set list of topics, so we can conduct research freely as new events arise."

Javier Ruiz

Amanda Long

Annie Specht

Digital Marketing Strategist, 

H&M Mexico

Amanda Long, Account Director,

The Hughes Agency

Assistant Professor,

Ohio State University

Featured in G2's list of top 50 marketing products

Meltwater is a Leader in Media Monitoring

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