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Keep your organization or external stakeholders informed by sharing the most relevant content from your search results. Our newsletter will allow you to curate a hand-selected feed of articles to be shared via a branded email newsletter that is sent through the Meltwater product but customized to your visual requirements.

Industry Use Cases

Share Organization News

Keep Leadership Informed

Promote Your Work

Discover, categorize, and distribute the most important news and social media coverage for your brand. 

Deliver executive level briefings on trending and impactful media coverage that can be shared daily, weekly, monthly or quarterly. 

As an Agency, report on your hard work through easily curated and branded clip reports that can be shared with your clients.

  • Distribute to your entire organization, a select few departments, or external stakeholders
  • Analyze readership to understand the content that receives the most traction and better tailor future newsletters for your audience
  • Templates can be customized based on your organization's branding guidelines

  • Provide an overview outlining the top mentions and their business impact as well as summaries on individual articles or social posts
  • Include competitive or industry insights on a macro level designed for leadership consumption 
  • Add content not found in Meltwater, such as an internal blog, to ensure your audience is kept informed

  • Deliver daily, weekly, or monthly summaries of the news and social media coverage you generated with the ability to include baseline metrics such as reach and sentiment 
  • Collaborate on reports with multiple teammates able to contribute to a single distribution 
  • Never miss a mention with the world’s largest news and social media source base

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Meltwater Newsletter Capabilities:

Customizable & Editable Summaries

Add Translation Button(s)

Gmail, Outlook and Mobile responsive

Incorporate Social Sharing Icons

Flexible HTML Design

Hard Coded Summaries

Automatically Expose Article's Byline

Ability to Add External Content

Showcase Hit Sentiment 

Supports Organization's Brand Guidelines

Supports Ad-Hoc Coverage Annotation

Include Hit Analytics: Reach, AVE, Social Echo

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