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Measure Your Paid, Earned & Owned Campaigns

Our new Paid, Earned, & Owned dashboard offers a unified overview of your campaign performance across channels and mediums.

This industry-first report provides PR and marketing teams with a holistic understanding of how omni-channel marketing efforts are working together to drive engagement and exposure.

Get in touch to learn more about how Meltwater can help you get the complete picture of your paid, earned, and owned performance.

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A Single Source of Truth for Your Paid, Earned, Owned Performance

Interactive Dashboards

Build and share interactive dashboards with your stakeholders so that they can understand the impact of your earned media efforts. Create branded, customised reports in one click that display your high-level results and are presentation-ready.

Flexibility and reliability

Reporting & Analytics

Social Media Intelligence

Whatever your requirements, our suite of reporting capabilities will showcase the value and impact of your work. We have a wide range of reporting capabilities: 

  • PR Insight Reports
  • Digital Marketing Insight Reports
  • Custom Scoring Reports
  • Social Performance Reports
  • Social Insight Reports
  • Audience Insight Reports
  • Custom /Bespoke Reports

Achieve Your Desired Exposure

See whether your combined paid, earned, and owned efforts achieve your overall reach and engagement goals.

Analyze The Power of Your Message

Analyze whether key messages influence and transfer across earned conversations.

Adjust Your Tactics and Spend

Visualize ad spend alongside reach metrics and adjust tactics in real-time.

Strike the Balance

Find the happy medium between driving conversations with your audience organically and through paid ads.

Efficient Reporting

Save time sorting through all of your media coverage to try and compile regular reports. Our reporting options are both efficient and comprehensive. Understand the interplay between what is being said about your brand in the news and on social media to showcase the digital impact of your earned media.

Improve Your Reporting

With advanced media and social media analytics, Meltwater's reporting solutions provide you with data-driven insights you can use to optimize your PR and marketing strategies.

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