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Research and monitor content across the entire social web, with real-time and historical access to over 1.2 trillion social and editorial conversations.

With unlimited ad-hoc searches and volume, you'll stay up to date on new market trends, consumer sentiment, brand health, and your competition - no backfill required.

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Our key goal is to ensure social data and consumer insights drive every business decision we make. Meltwater was one of the key enablers that helped us become a truly consumer-centric organization.

Florence Rainsard

Global Consumer Insights Director, Pernod Ricard


Fueled by the most complete dataset.

Our tool scours data feeds from:

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More than half of marketers say that social media is more important than ever for their business in 2023.


To be a part of the conversation, you need to know it's happening first.

Number of organizations who are not using social listening. An open opportunity for a competitive edge.


Right now billions of conversations are taking place online, some that could unlock powerful insights for your business. But you can't find them if you aren't actively listening. With Meltwater, you can focus in on what's important, capture the mentions that matter and uncover the insights you've been missing.

Number of social listening users who list “understanding target audiences” as their organization’s primary use case.


What we monitor

Social Media

We allow you to monitor over 15 different social networks (including access to all of Twitter's content), blogs, and comments on news articles and product reviews.


We help you monitor over 25,000 podcasts on a global scale, with the ability to add podcasts to our capture network if we aren’t covering what you need.

Online News

We scan over 300,000 news sources globally. With customers in 125 countries, we have a local and global focus, so you’ll be covered wherever news breaks.


We have several different options for TV and radio monitoring fully integrated into the Meltwater product, so we will make sure to recommend the one most appropriate to your region.

Print Media

With a network of fully-vetted global, regional and local print monitoring partners, you can rest easy knowing that if it’s on the printed page, you’ll receive it from Meltwater.


Social Media Monitoring Capabilities

On-demand historical ad-hoc research

Competitive monitoring and benchmarking

Consumer segmentation and behavior analysis

Custom unlimited dashboard and report building

Owned and earned analytics in a single view

Brand, keyword or complex queries comparison

Content strategy markers and audience optimization

Topic and conversation trends analysis

Export insights via API

Customized user lists or audience types

Market intelligence gathering via Explore

Crisis management, security and compliance

Ad-Hoc Research

Meltwater gives you unlimited keyword search capability with no caps on result volumes. What does this mean? You can search for as many different keywords, brand names or hashtags as you like and you won’t be billed extra - no matter how many results those searches produce.

With unlimited historical results, you can search and filter through over a year’s worth of results instantly to uncover valuable consumer insights.

Monitor Social Mentions

The world moves quickly these days, and our social media monitoring platform gives you a real-time view of evolving consumer trends. The discussions taking place on social networks are a rich source of insight into the changing behaviors, expectations, and attitudes of your customers.  With our advanced keyword monitoring capabilities, you gain access to insightful social data.

Spot a Crisis Before it’s a Crisis

A crisis can come out of nowhere for almost any brand and, most of the time, it’s going to start on social media before snowballing into a bigger problem. 

With Meltwater social media monitoring, you’ll get an early warning when people start talking about your brand online, whatever the reason, and quickly understand the underlying themes that are driving the conversation.

Identify Authentic Influencers

Everybody’s an influencer these days! But our social listening tools can help you find the people who are truly influential in your market, by looking for the people who are central to conversations that impact your brand, and analyzing their audiences to confirm whether they’re the genuine article or not as relevant as you'd like.

By harnessing the real-time voice of the customer, social media can inform your campaign themes.

Know Your Audiences Like Never Before

Meltwater’s social media monitoring tools can help you get to the heart of your customers’ wants and needs. By listening and analyzing those conversations you’ll be able to build a clear picture of their interests, attitudes and behaviors, enabling you to create more targeted and effective marketing campaigns.

On top: Visual enrichments let you gain insights about your brand in non-verbal/non-textual content posted on news, blogs, and Reddit. They allow you the ability to search the context of an image, rather than traditionally only text via newly dedicated boolean. E.g., search for your logo, celebrities & emotions or use gender, age group & memes classification.

Social Media Monitoring in a Click

Wherever your company is mentioned, Meltwater makes sure you know about it. Why waste time regularly performing a manual keyword search across multiple social networks when we can automate the entire social listening process for you? 

Presentation Ready Reports

World's Largest Source Base

Benchmark and Analyse

Understand your brand impact in real-time using interactive visual dashboards. Analyse metrics that matter such as media exposure, trending themes, potential reach, sentiment and more!

Meltwater's comprehensive pr reporting solution offers the world's largest source base, including 300,000 news sources, from 205 countries in 87 languages. Deliver complete reports!

Customisable dashboards let you analyse metrics by date, geography, language, and sentiment. Find out which competitors are gaining traction and in which publications.

  • Create ad/hoc searches on the spot or rely on custom searches setup by our local support team.

  • Customize email alerts to get real-time notifications.

  • Share content via text, email, or Slack.
  • Monitor unlimited keywords across all channels
  • Track competitors to stay ahead of the curve.

  • Research and listen to more than 200 billion social conversations.

  • Create dashboards and benchmark against competitors
  • Plan your next move in real time.

  • Translate content with the click of a button.

  • Export results to Excel and other reporting formats.

Meltwater is a Leader in Media Monitoring

The Grid® represents the democratic voice of real software users, rather than the subjective opinion of one analyst. G2 rates products from the Media Monitoring category algorithmically based on data sourced from product reviews shared by G2 users and data aggregated from online sources and social networks.

The Meltwater platform has been named a leader in -Spring 2021 Rankings:

  • Media and Influencer Targeting
  • PR Analytics
  • Social Media Suites
  • Social Media Monitoring

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