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Social Media Reporting tools that optimise your social strategy. Choose from rich social media reports and dashboards or build what you need with customised reports and professional services. No data sheets. Just clear dashboards, that showcase your success.

Analyze into the largest inventory of social data and news content in the industry to drive campaign planning, social media marketing, and measurement from a single source of truth.

Meltwater offers the most comprehensive social media reporting tools to drive your social strategy.

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Monitor over 200 billion social media conversations as well as digital news media.

Measure social channel performance individually or aggregate data using cross-channel summaries. 

Benchmark competitors and key areas of focus to understand your industry's climate & uncover new opportunities.

Analyze live social mentions across multiple platforms and stay up to date on new market trends, no backfill required. 

Meltwater offers a comprehensive suite of social reporting tools that can help you understand data in different ways:

Trendlines: Track the rate at which a topic is rising or falling in popularity over time.

Word clouds: Find the most commonly used words and phrases within a data set, to identify underlying themes within a topic.

Sentiment: Understand whether people feel positively or negatively about a specific topic, see how that sentiment changes over time, isolate positive or negative posts to analyse separately and identify the issues driving those feelings.

Emotional Analysis: Meltwater can track the presence of key emotional expressions in content, such as joy, sadness, surprise, anger, love and fear, to give you a more detailed picture of how people react to a topic.

Top Channels & Sources: Where are people talking about a particular topic the most, and how does the conversation differ on separate social media channels?

Influencers: Who are the most popular and authoritative voices in a social media discussions, and how are they driving the conversation forward?

Audience Affinities: The different audience clusters that form around any topic, what do they have in common, which brands, media channels and influencers are they interested in?

Margaux Dauce

"For us, Meltwater Social's ultimate value is aggregating content and data in one place and centralizing communication protocols to enhance workflow and reduce cost and labor."

Matthew Wurst, Head of Brand Marketing Operations - 360i

Understand Audiences Like Never Before

Meltwater uses the very latest social analytics algorithms to build detailed profiles of the audiences you want to target for your social media marketing campaigns. Based on specific interests, we can define audience segments and help you discover what each of them have in common with one another.

Get Right Into the Metrics You Need

Social media analytics isn't just for data scientists! Our easy-to-understand dashboards provide real-time data from all of your social channels without any complications. If you're just looking for an update on your best-performing content, you don't need to worry about digging through spreadsheets or complex native analytics reports. Meltwater makes it simple - get the information you want, without any of the headaches!

Stay One Step Ahead of the Competition

Social media analytics can give you all the information you'll ever need about your competitors, helping you to stay ahead. Analyse their brand mentions to understand what consumers love and hate about them. Compare their social media marketing metrics to your own, so you can see what they're doing well and how you can evolve your own social media strategy to be more competitive. 


Social media reporting tools that prove ROI

Join 30,000 leading companies making better informed decisions using relevant insights surfaced by the Meltwater media intelligence platform. Stay on top of billions of online conversations.

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