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Now you can schedule, publish and analyze your posts on TikTok through Meltwater. Dial up the volume on your organization’s engagement strategy by tapping into the world’s fastest-growing network.

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Schedule & Publish

TikTok trends move fast, and our streamlined publishing process allows you to keep pace. Easily schedule and publish your video content on the go or at your desk.

  • Access a shared calendar
  • Establish content approval workflows 
  • Share and store videos in an asset library


Grow your online community by efficiently monitoring and responding to messages. Our unified inbox allows you to engage with your audience across networks easily.

  • Respond to comments and engagements on TikTok posts 
  • Create shared response templates for faster replies 
  • Assign incoming messages to your team


Our performance analytics help you learn what’s working and what’s not for your organization. Understand how to optimize and improve your TikTok strategy with data.

  • Share custom or templated performance dashboards 
  • Track metrics like total video views and average watch rate
  • Identify the best time to post according to audience analytics

Why TikTok?

Explore untapped opportunities

TikTok is the fastest growing platform with 1B active users — and counting.

Improve customer experience

TikTok users are more than twice as likely to comment or DM a brand after making a purchase.

Engage your audience

Over 60 percent of TikTok users say they follow brands on the app.

Reach new audiences

 TikTok users are 1.7x more likely to discover new products than on other platforms.

Drive sales 

TikTok users are 1.4X more likely to research products they find on the platform.

Increase brand impact

TikTok has the highest active users watch time across all networks..

Improve Your Engagement Strategy

Schedule, publish, and analyze
all your social media posts with Meltwater

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