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Meltwater is the global leader in social, media and consumer intelligence with the most comprehensive dataset in the industry. With powerful AI, we turn that data into insight you can act on. Unrivaled global reach coupled with local expertise. 

More than 27,000 customers use insights from Meltwater's AI-powered tools that are tailored to fit their organisations's needs and objectives.

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Global media monitoring in a click

Media Monitoring & Analysis

Meltwater's comprehensive media monitoring solution offers the world's largest source base, including 1.3+ billion documents ingested daily from over 6 million unique sources and 240+ languages supported.

  • Monitor unlimited keywords across all channels
  • Create dashboards and benchmark against competitors
  • Customise email alerts to get real-time notifications
  • Run omnichannel analyses across news and social media
  • Access content and dashboards on the Meltwater mobile app
Social Media Intelligence
The world’s largest focus group

Social Media Listening

Our social listening product lets you monitor, research and analyse content across the entire social web, with real-time and historical access to over 3 billion engagement activities. 

  • On-demand historical ad-hoc research
  • Owned and earned analytics in a single view
  • Topic and conversation trends analysis
  • Brand, keyword or complex queries comparison
  • Consumer segmentation and behavior analysis
  • Custom unlimited dashboard and report building
Manage and grow media relationships

Journalist database & PR Outreach

We offer a media database across major markets globally, and provide the information required to build relationships with the media. Conduct media outreach and analyse your effectiveness in one place.

  • Access 360,000+ global contacts from 30+ countries
  • Unlimited Lists
  • Effective Distribution
  • Extensive Press Contact List
  • Measure your message performance using key metrics
Fully integrated social management workflows

Social Publishing & Engagement

Manage your incoming messages, schedule and publish content, and measure your social channel performance all in one place.

  • Analytics across earned and owned media
  • Manage multiple social handles and teams
  • Content and campaign planning, scheduling, and publishing
  • Community management
  • Governance and workflow management
  • Custom dashboards and reporting
Share results and inform stakeholders

Newsletters & Newsfeeds

Share relevant media coverage with the entire organisation or key stakeholders in a customised email template. Showcase select news or social media content on your website or intranet.

  • Share company media mentions
  • Showcase positive brand exposure to investors, customers, employees, and executives
  • Stream customer testimonials from social media
  • Provide commentary on key stories to executives
  • Compile market and competitor debriefs

Consumer & Audience Insights

Get rich insights into the different segments and communities talking about your brand across social media, as well as the content and influencers that inspire them.

  • Audience Segmentation
  • Audience-centric Social Listening
  • Influencer Discovery
  • Targeted Content Strategy
Making influencer marketing hassle-free

Social Influencer Management

Discover and vet the right social influencers for your brand. Manage influencer relationships from contracting to content curation, and measure the ROI of your campaigns.

  • In-app communication
  • Campaign brief creation
  • Influencer measurement
  • Qualification filters
  • Unlimited keyword tracking
  • Campaign reporting
  • Influencer tagging
Flexibility and reliability

Reporting & Analytics

Whatever your requirements, our suite of reporting capabilities will showcase the value and impact of your work. We have a wide range of reporting capabilities: 

  • PR Insight Reports
  • Digital Marketing Insight Reports
  • Custom Scoring Reports
  • Social Performance Reports
  • Social Insight Reports
  • Audience Insight Reports
  • Custom /Bespoke Reports

Meltwater API

Extract, contextualise and organise information from across the web via our APIs to gain a strategic overview of your business.

  • 1.3+ billion documents ingested daily from over 6 million unique sources and 240+ languages supported 
  • Access to the largest corpus of news and social data in the world, including open web data, social channels, Wordpress and many more
  • Commercial Applications

Key Features.

Outreach Statistics
Sentiment Analysis
Spike Detection
Sentiment Analysis

Accurate Sentiment

Automated Regular Reporting

Powerful Customisable

Image Recognition & Analytics

Custom Scoring
Outreach Statistics
Unparalleled Data Access
Seamless Tool Integration

Sophisticated Boolean Search Tools

24/7 Global Customer Support

Export Data With Our API

Build Custom Dashboards

Don't take our word for it. Take theirs...

It’s not only about the platform or the data. It’s beyond that. It’s the people and the capacity to bring value on an ongoing basis. It’s this and a constant need to uncover new use cases and new examples of providing insights and using that type of data.

Christian Veysseyre

Global Social Intelligence Director, Danone 

Solutions to move the needle.

Our suite of solutions is packed with tools to keep you competitive and enable you to execute marketing that makes an impact.

One Suite to Grow Your Business

Meltwater is the growth engine for your business. PR, social media, sales intelligence, social listening - everything you need in one suite.

Keep Costs Under Control

With no caps on searches or data, our social listening tool can be used for multiple projects and ad-hoc research with no additional license costs.

Do More With Less

It’s tough to manage and grow your brands on social when you have limited resources, but our social management platform does the heavy lifting for you.

Insights With Impact

Market research can be expensive and time consuming, Meltwater gives you cost effective insights quickly, so you can hunt more opportunities.

Agility as Standard

Business doesn’t always move in a straight line, sometimes you're up, sometimes you're down. Meltwater scales with your business as you need.

Everything you need to maximise ROI.

Authentically understand the market.

Build your share of voice.

Detect and manage brand crises.

Behind what your audience says online is data revealing their needs and desires. Find emerging trends before they go mainstream.

The online world is noisy. You need to be strategic and creative to break through the chatter. Find the audiences who will listen.

Granular analysis on a campaign or individual influencer level provides clarity on budget and performance.

Featured in G2's list of top 50 marketing products

Meltwater is a Leader in Media Monitoring

The Grid® represents the democratic voice of real software users, rather than the subjective opinion of one analyst. G2 rates products from the Media Monitoring category algorithmically based on data sourced from product reviews shared by G2 users and data aggregated from online sources and social networks.


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